Five Minutes to Brew Pub Success - Season 1

Five Minutes to Brew Pub Success - Season 1

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Selling well-crafted and highly profitable beer in a brewpub is very different than selling cheap and flavorless beer in a grocery store. Brewpub entrepreneurs need to think and act differently to be successful. 15 Episodes - each about five minutes.

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In Season 1 of 5 Minutes to Brewpub Success, you will learn how to design your brewpub operations, how marketing a brewpub is different and more fun than just marketing beer, and how brewpub customers differ from traditional beer drinkers.

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Five Minutes to Brew Pub Success - Season 1
  • Understanding A Brewpub's Value Chain

    The Value Chain is the number of steps to turn raw materials into finished goods. Value chains tell us where the money in a pint of beer goes and to which companies. Value Chain Innovation powers the economic magic of brewpubs.

  • Help Ensure Your Beers Get Selected At Grocery Stores: Enchantment

    Consumers are living in a disenchanted world, with no sense of magic or escape like we used to seek out as children. How can craft beer fix this and enchant and delight beer drinkers? Learn how here!

  • How To Create Repeat Customers By Offering Surplus Value

    Surplus Value. Dr. Mark R. Meckler of Crafting A Strategy teaches a lesson on surplus value and consumer surplus and why they are strategically important to craft business success.

  • How Many Beers Should We Make If We Want To Be Profitable, Too?

    As craft beer drinkers demand more variety of beer flavors, beer businesses are under incredible pressure to make more beer types but still be a profitable business. You can't please everyone, but you also have to be different enough. This video shares the science behind choosing the optimal prod...

  • Flavor Innovation - How To Get More Variety Out Of Existing Assets

    After 35 years of craft beer innovation in the United States, brewers are worried the industry is running out of flavors. This video teaches brewers to think beyond ingredients and to look toward different types of innovations. Beyond flavor innovations are modular innovations like barrel aging, ...

  • Setting Performance Standards In Your Brewpub: The Concept Of RevPASH

    Calculating the revenue per available seat-hour (RevPASH) is a critical performance standard when running a profitable restaurant or brewpub.

  • Setting Performance Standards In Your Brewpub/Restaurant: ComPASH

    Designing a menu mix is crucial to bringing in different types of customers at different price points. In this video, we describe how cocktails, barrel aged beers and traditional beers work together to increase margins. Contribution Margin per seat hour is a critical performance standard for any ...

  • Percent Margins vs. Dollar Margins

    Did you know that designing a menu item or craft beer recipe with percent margins can ruin your business? That's right, the accounting tool of percent margins can hurt your business if you use them improperly. This video shows the critical difference between percent margins and dollar margins, an...

  • Profit Engineering Part 1: Pricing Strategy

    Dr. Mark Meckler gives condensed lesson on proper pricing methods so that your pricing fits that market and your required profits are properly built in

  • Profit Engineering Part 2: Estimating Revenue

    Top down, bottom up budgeting is our preferred method for setting your brewpub or restaurant budget. The top line is revenue and especially for new brewpubs or if you are expanding, you should estimate how much revenue the new venue may produce. In this video, we estimate the number of hamburgers...

  • Buyer Behavior: The 3-Brain Theory

    Why do people buy what they buy? It has to do with their survival instincts and emotion much more than with what their rational thoughts may tell them. Have you ever had a potential customer tell you they love your products and services, but they still never buy from you? The 3-brain theory helps...

  • Buyer Utility: How Underlying Emotions Drive Consumer Choices

    If craft beer is going to win against big beer, we must think and act differently. This video examines "Buyer Utility," which shows the underlying emotions and strategies that craft beer drinkers rely upon to make choices - and they are different than what most industrial beer drinkers rely upon ...

  • Constructing A Brand Identity For Your Brewpub or Restaurant

    How does a company construct a brand that fits their unique identity? We go through a step by step process for any brewpub entrepreneur to begin the process of building a brand from scratch.

  • Get Beer Drinkers To Pay More For Your Products: The Science of Persuasion

    The Science of Persuasion (Cialdini, 2001) helps us change the conversations about beer consumption from those based on price to those based on experiences.