• Real Estate Leasing for Craft Breweries

    Sam and Russ give a tutorial on the legal aspects of Property Rental/Leasing for USA-based Craft Beer Breweries

  • Distribution Franchise Laws for Craft Breweries

    The world of wholesale distribution is confusing, especially in the highly regulated world of beverage alcohol. This video reviews distribution and franchise laws in the USA as Professor Sam Holloway and Craft Lawyer business attorney Russ Rotondi discuss and debate best practices, the law, and p...

  • Brewery In Planning Roadmap

    Breweries in planning need to answer four critical questions in order to build a brewery that is capable of creating great beer at a profit level that ensures economic sustainability. If you need to speak with investors, it is also important that you clearly communicate to them that you know how ...

  • Strategic Controls For Downstream Distribution

    Learn control system theory and how these help you better manage your distributors as a small craft brewery. Your brewery is small and your distributor may be huge!! How can you consistently be the brands they choose? We discuss control systems for downstream distribution: Belief System Controls,...

  • Controlling Opportunism of Key Partners

    Opportunism is defined as "Self-Interest Seeking With Guile". How can we get our partners to put the relationship first instead of their own personal or company interests? Don't lose all your profits to bloat, waste, or inefficient governance of your transactions.

  • Pricing Methods - Extensive Debate and Formulas

    Pricing Methods including a conversation/narration between Dr. Sam Holloway and Dr. Mark Meckler. Controlled Operations support

  • Menu Engineering - Updated February 2019

    Updated February 2019.

    Consumers are smart and they know a great deal when they see one. You can't run a profitable food operation if everyone keeps buying your 'loss leader.' We give you strategies, excel spreadsheets, and the strategic thinking you need to build a profitable menu mix.