5 Minutes to Brewpub Success - Season 2

5 Minutes to Brewpub Success - Season 2

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Season two of Five Minute to Brewpub Success features technical videos focused on operations, maintenance, sanitation, and how to design your food and beer menus. Pay special attention to Menu Engineering and Profit Engineering Parts 3, 4 and 5.

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For the front of the house, we offer videos on craft beer user personas, understanding different beer drinker types, upselling techniques and company culture.

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5 Minutes to Brewpub Success - Season 2
  • 5 Minutes To Brewpub Success: Control System Basics

    Dr. Mark Meckler explains the basic business control process, and the importance of setting standards and accurate observation.

  • 5 Minutes to Brewpub Success: Business Control Regime Architecture

    Dr. Mark R. Meckler of craftingastrategy.com gives a short lesson on crafting a control regime for your business. He articulates six different types of controls and how they interact to create a control regime architecture.

  • Menu Engineering: How To Build Profits Consistently & Responsibly

    Dr. Mark Meckler explains and demonstrates Menu Engineering, as learned directly from Dr. Mike Kasavana. He offers a spreadsheet design to let you optimize your menu mix and drive guests toward your highest profit items. Additionally, he makes suggestions on how to design a proper two-page menu t...

  • Profit Engineering Part 3: Required Profit & Bottom Up Budgeting

    Dr. Meckler shows how to keep profit margins as a cost. That's right, you need to add a required profit into your recipes just like a cost. Just like rent, paying wages, utilities - profit needs to be a requirement in any business. We use Bottom Up Budgeting to do this. The bottom of your budget ...

  • Profit Engineering Part 4: Design To Cost Detail

    Dr. Mark Meckler teaches details of designing product to standard costs and standard margins

  • Profit Engineering Part 5: Understanding Operations Yields

    Professor Mark R. Meckler offers a short lesson on the key operations yields that impact your bottom line. Planned costs sometimes differ from actual costs. Orders are shipped short, inventory can spoil, people can steal, how can you plan for this in your brewpub operations?

  • 5 Minutes to Brewpub Success: Maintenance

    Dr. Mark Meckler of Crafting a Strategy teaches why maintenance is strategically critical to craft brewery and brewpub business success.

  • 5 Minutes to Brewpub Success: Rigorous Sanitation Standards

    Dr. Mark Meckler teaches 8 rules that matter most for successful sanitation in the craft brewing business. Including how to prevent microorganisms from infecting your food stocks and inventory.

  • Front Of House Selling Strategy: Upselling Techniques

    Upselling is a critical set of practices for your brewpub's front of the house staff. These techniques dramatically help increase revenue per visit per table.

  • Front Of House Selling Strategy: Beer Drinker Personas

    How do you know what to say to a beer drinker when they walk into your brewpub? Are social drinkers looking for the same thing as beer connoisseurs? What about new craft beer drinkers, how can we best serve them? The answer to these questions is: You need to have different sales strategies for th...