Business Model Innovations

  • Fragmented versus Consolidated Industries

    Strategy Short for White Paper: Fragmentation in the Craft Beer Industry

  • 5 Minutes To Brewpub Success: Control System Basics

    Dr. Mark Meckler explains the basic business control process, and the importance of setting standards and accurate observation.

  • How Many Beers Should We Make If We Want To Be Profitable, Too?

    As craft beer drinkers demand more variety of beer flavors, beer businesses are under incredible pressure to make more beer types but still be a profitable business. You can't please everyone, but you also have to be different enough. This video shares the science behind choosing the optimal prod...

  • How To Create Repeat Customers By Offering Surplus Value

    Surplus Value. Dr. Mark R. Meckler of Crafting A Strategy teaches a lesson on surplus value and consumer surplus and why they are strategically important to craft business success.

  • Flavor Innovation - How To Get More Variety Out Of Existing Assets

    After 35 years of craft beer innovation in the United States, brewers are worried the industry is running out of flavors. This video teaches brewers to think beyond ingredients and to look toward different types of innovations. Beyond flavor innovations are modular innovations like barrel aging, ...

  • What is Strategy at CAS?

    Rather than try to explain strategy in an isolated fashion like Porter (1996), we suggest strategy is inextricably integrated with leadership and innovation. Including a focus on Venn Implementation.

  • Real Estate Leasing for Craft Breweries

    Sam and Russ give a tutorial on the legal aspects of Property Rental/Leasing for USA-based Craft Beer Breweries

  • Value Chain Innovation - From Production Brewery to Brewpub

  • Brewery In Planning Roadmap

    Breweries in planning need to answer four critical questions in order to build a brewery that is capable of creating great beer at a profit level that ensures economic sustainability. If you need to speak with investors, it is also important that you clearly communicate to them that you know how ...

  • Controlling Opportunism of Key Partners

    Opportunism is defined as "Self-Interest Seeking With Guile". How can we get our partners to put the relationship first instead of their own personal or company interests? Don't lose all your profits to bloat, waste, or inefficient governance of your transactions.

  • Strategic Controls For Downstream Distribution

    Learn control system theory and how these help you better manage your distributors as a small craft brewery. Your brewery is small and your distributor may be huge!! How can you consistently be the brands they choose? We discuss control systems for downstream distribution: Belief System Controls,...

  • Culture, Leadership & Control

    Leadership & Culture support

  • Mission, Vision and Ethical Governance

  • Breweries as Societal Wealth Engines

    Dr. Sam Holloway makes the case that some private for profit businesses may be especially good at improving civic health and the local economy.

  • Value Proposition Controls

    How do you know if consumers will value your products and services? What if you come up with a new innovation, will people buy it? Believe it or not, you can increase the likelihood of adoption if you place control systems on delivering your value proposition.

  • Webinar - Expansion: Baerlic Brewing & Migration Brewing on Current Efforts

    This members-only webinar is driven by CAS brewing entrepreneurs undergoing two very different expansion projects: McKean Banzer-Lausberg (Migration Brewing) and Ben Parsons (Baerlic Brewing). Sam Holloway emcees the conversation and CAS members from FMD Architects were on hand to support these e...

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

    Business model innovation is the only true weapon small breweries have over large breweries. Learn how to overcome huge power differences between big and small breweries and still win even though your business is small.

  • Webinar - Expansion: Non-Brewing Revenue Spaces w/ Temperance Beer Co.

    This members-only webinar was driven by CAS brewing entrepreneur undergoing a non-revenue brewing space expansion, Josh Gilbert from Temperance Brew Co. (IL). Sam Holloway emcees the conversation along with our resident hospitality expert, Mark Meckler. Members from FMD Architects were on hand to...

  • Webinar - Expansion Update

    This webinar features three brewing entrepreneurs reflecting on how their expansion projects opened and reflecting on current operational best practices. Three very different expansion projects are discussed: A production facility with pizza restaurant and taproom (Migration Brewing), a beer hall...

  • Webinar - Expansion: Permitting and Tenant Improvements

    Our third webinar focused on permitting, landlords, tenant improvements and design choices to maximize revenue in the smallest square footage possible. Sam Holloway and Brian Grafton discussed how difficult it is to anticipate all the future design needs as your business grows, but also provided ...

  • Webinar - Expansion: Existing Building Constraints

    Our panelists include Oakshire Brewing CEO, Jeff Althouse and FMD Architects' Brian Grafton. Hosted by Sam Holloway, CAS President.